Construction of a factory for the production of non woven materials by using spanbond technology

Company name:
35 Industrial base 35 Ltd.

Current activity:
Prepared business plan, negotiations with China about equipment were done

Project description

Project goal: Increased security of supply and reduced reliance on imported non-woven materials
Location: Temirtau city
Implementation period: 12-18 months
Production: Textile
Extent of research:
Business Plan
Capacity of project: 1000 – 2500 ton per year
Export Orientation: Russia, China, Kyrgystan, Belarus
Availability of raw materials: imports from Russia, China and Europe
Workplaces: 30

Information about financing

Cost of project: KZT 1 600 Million
Necessary funding: USD 2-2,5 million


35 Industrial base 35 Ltd.
Phone: 87770525110, Miller Valeriy Vladimirovich

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