Region's key figures

Рост промышленного производства за 3 года, %

Priority sectors of economy

Chemical industry

In January-February 2020, the sub-sector produced commodity products in the amount of 8 billion tenge, the physical volume index amounted to 86.3%.

The growth is due to an increase in the production of ferrous metallurgy by 158.0% and rubber and plastic products by 140.9%.

Chemical products are mainly intended for the mining and metallurgical industries (acids, gases, explosives, etc.).

The main enterprises of the sub-sector of the chemical industry are:

Temirtau Electrometallurgical Plant LLP (production of carbides, ferrosilicon manganese),

Tau-Ken Temir LLP (silicon production), Track LLP (production of greases),

Maxam Kazakhstan JSC (production of explosives),

Egofom LLP (production of flexible polyurethane foam (foam rubber).

The technology for the production of calcium carbide involves the formation of substandard fractions requiring utilization, in connection with this it is planned to produce importers substituting and export-oriented products: vinyl butyl ether, vinylin, vinyl flooring, household chemical products, maleic anhydride, unsaturated polyester resins, in prospect synthetic rubbers. The implementation of these projects has a multiplier effect due to the fact that these products are used in chemical, mining and metallurgical, construction and other industries.


In January-February 2020 the volume of production in metallurgy amounted to 249 million tenge, IFO - 127,1%, the share in industry 58,1%.

The main reason for the growth is an increase in the output of ferrous metallurgy (158.0%) and basic precious and non-ferrous metals (111.9%).

At Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, the volume of production in January 2020 amounted to 72,509 million tenge or 142% (fact of January 2019 50,930 million tenge)

- refined copper production 33.0 thousand tons or 121% (fact of January 2019 - 27.1 thousand tons)

- the volume of gold refined 717.0 kg or 105% (fact January 2019 - 681.0 kg)

- the volume of production of silver refined 27,039 kg or 113% (fact January 2019 -23,880 kg)

At ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, the volume of production in January 2020 amounted to 69,634 million tenge, or 206.3% (fact as of January 2019, 33,747.0 million tenge)

- iron production 271.2 thousand tons or 187.7% (fact as of January 2019, 144.5 thousand tons)

  - steel production volume of 282.0 thousand tons or 178.2% (fact as of January 2019 158.2 thousand tons)

- the volume of production of flat products is 173.1 thousand tons or 247.7% (fact as of January 2019 69.9 thousand tons)


The machine-building industry is one of the priority, dynamically developing industries with great potential.

The volume of production for January-February 2020 amounted to 107,4% and reached 6.5 billion tenge.

The decrease was due to a decrease in the production of computers, electronic and optical equipment (140.9 billion tenge) and the repair and installation of machinery and equipment (3.8 billion tenge).

In the structure of production of engineering products, the predominant share of output falls on the production of machinery and equipment (140.9%) and the production of electrical equipment (114.7%).

The main enterprises in the machine-building industry are: “Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant” “Maker” LLP, “Kazcentrelektropovod” LLP, “Kurylysmet” LLP, “ELTO Systems” LLP, “Kargormash-M” LLP, “NPF“ Technology ”LLP“ Technology ”LLP Karaganda Machine-Building Plant named after Parkhomenko.”

Light industry

Light industry output in the total manufacturing industry is less than 1% (0.1% - 0.3%).

The volume of production of light industry products for January-February 2020 amounted to 793,8 million tenge, the physical volume index of 133,2%.

In the context of sub-sectors: textile production - 114,6%, clothing production-132,4%, leather production - 165,3%.

At light industry enterprises, the average load is 50%.

Light industry enterprises supply their products mainly to system-forming and large enterprises, as well as to the Ministry of defense, the Ministry of internal Affairs and other government agencies.

The capacity of light industry enterprises can cover the needs of medical, educational and other organizations in the region.

The main enterprises of the industry:

- “Yutariya LTD” LLP (production of workwear);

- Temirtau associates and ancillaries LLP (production of workwear and hosiery products);

-Saransk sewing and knitting factory “Galex Plus” LLP (production of special and working clothes);

- “Karaganda Shoe factory” LLP (production of specialized and working shoes);

- Too “Tagam” (production of hosiery);

- “ESCO” LLP (production of hosiery);

-Rumi-EN LLP (production of hosiery).

In the retail market, products of the hosiery segment of “Tagam” LLP, “ESCO” LLP, “Rumi-EN” LLP are presented, “Karaganda Shoe factory” LLP specializes in the production of special footwear.

Manufacturing industry

In January-February 2020, the volume of production is 328,4 billion tenge (IFO – 107,2%)

The manufacturing industry is based on: metallurgical industry (127,1%), mechanical engineering(107,4%) and other non-metallic products (122,9%).

- 13.8% (90.3 thousand people) of the economically active population of the region at working age are employed;

The main enterprises of the leading industry are:

- the world's first steel producer, a large metallurgical multinational company ArcelorMittal (ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC), which has enterprises of the full metallurgical cycle, coal mines of the Karaganda basin, a thermal power station, auxiliary and maintenance production infrastructure;

- a diversified mining and smelting enterprise LLP “Corporation Kazakhmys”, which is a production with a complete cycle, and combining a number of factories, mines and energy facilities.

Mining industry

In Karaganda region, the largest mining and metallurgical enterprises are: “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” JSC, “Kazakhmys Corporation” LLP, “Zhairemsky GOK” JSC, “Kazmarganets” RU, “Nova Zinc” LLP, “Shubarkol Komir” JSC.  

For January 2020, industrial products at current prices of 25.8 billion tenge were produced, which is 104,8 % compared to the previous year.

In the industrial structure of the region, the share of mining industry was 12.1 %.

For January 2020, 35 thousand tons of refined copper (120%), 282,4 thousand tons of unrefined steel (177.9%), 173,1 thousand tons of flat rolled products (247,6%) were produced.

In the metal ore mining industry, the IFO amounted to 109,5% (12,2 billion tenge).

1 287,7 thousand tons of iron ore (140,3%), 2 717 thousand tons of copper ore (111%) were extracted, 293,4 thousand tons of iron ore concentrate (173,9%) and 1 011,8 thousand tons of copper concentrate (89,3%) were produced.

The main enterprises exploring and developing manganese, iron-manganese and iron ore deposits in the region are JSC “Zhairemsky GOK”, RU “Kazmarganets”, LLP “Orken-Kentobe”, LLP “Orken-Atasu”, LLP “Bapy mining”.

The main mining and processing enterprise for lead-zinc ores are Nova-Zinc LLP and Zhairemsky GOK JSC.

The main mining enterprises for the extraction and enrichment of copper ore are Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Altai Polymetals LLP, Sary-Arka Copper LLP.

The main coal mining enterprises of the region are ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Shubarkol Komir JSC, Kazakhmys Koal LLP, Molodyozhniy and Kuu-Chekinskiy open pits, Sat Komir JSC, Razrez Kuznetskiy LLP and other small coal enterprises.

According to the results of January 2020, the indicators of large mining enterprises which provide the main volume of production are positive.

The coal department of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC produced 865,4 thousand tons of coal or 122,9% (fact January 2019 – 704,3 thousand tons).

AMT's iron ore department (Orken-Kontobe LLP, Orken-Atasu LLP) for January 2020 produced 165,7 thousand tons or 286,2% of iron concentrate (fact January 2019–57,9 thousand tons).  

At Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, copper ore production amounted to 2,5 million tons or 112% (fact January 2019. – 2,2 million tones)

The output of copper concentrate increased by 1% (due to the reduction of the copper content in the ore).

At Shubarkol Komir JSC, the volume of coal production in January 2020 was 846.1 thousand tons or 84.3% (fact January 2019 - 1,003.6 thousand tons)

At Zhairemsky GOK JSC, the production of lead-zinc concentrate amounted to 24.3 thousand tons (fact January 2019 - 0 thousand tons)

In Kazmanganets RU, the output of manganese concentrate amounted to 165.3 thousand tons against the fact of the corresponding period of the last year, 145.7 thousand tons or an increase of 13.5%.

In 2020, it is planned to produce 164,4 thousand tons of manganese concentrate.

At NOVA-Zinc LLP, in January 2020, the production of zinc in zinc concentrate amounted to 3.1 thousand tons against the fact of January 2019 2.96 thousand tons or an increase of 5.5%.

The production of lead in lead concentrate is 0.56 thousand tons against 0.4 thousand tons in January 2019 or an increase of 38.3%.

In 2020, it is planned - 34 thousand tons of zinc in zinc concentrate, 6.5 thousand tons - lead in lead concentrate (125%).

Due to open-pit mining, in 2017 the company switched to the combined method of ore extraction (open - pit and underground method) at the Akzhal field.

At «Bapy mining» LLP, the volume of iron concentrate in January 2020 - the volume of iron concentrate - 121.3 thousand tons or an increase of 29.5% (fact January 2019, it was 93.7 thousand tons).

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