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About PPP

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a form of cooperation between a public partner and a private partner. PPP is a mutually beneficial cooperation of the state and the private sector in industries traditionally related to the state responsibility under the conditions of a balanced distribution of risks, benefits and costs, rights and obligations defined in the relevant agreements (regulated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 31, 2015 No. 379-V " About public-private partnership ").


Types of PPP Contracts

1. PPP contract providing for the creation by a private partner of a PPP object with the subsequent transfer of the object to state ownership.

2. PPP contract, which provides for the joint activities of a private partner and the state in the creation (reconstruction) and operation of the facility.

3. PPP contract providing for the transfer of a state-owned object to trust management or to property lease (rent) to a private partner for the purposes of reconstruction and operation (trust management, rent).

4. PPP contract providing for the transfer of an object owned by a private partner to a property lease (lease) to the state or a person authorized by it, including with the right to purchase the object by the state (lease).



1. Income from the provision of services during the operation of the object.

2. Subsidies from the state in the cases established by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Compensation of investment costs.

4. Compensation of operational / operational costs within the scope of expenditures on the maintenance of social infrastructure and life support in the relevant industry (sphere) of the economy.

5. Remuneration for the management of the object in state ownership.

6. The fee for the availability of the object.


1. State guarantee.

2. State guarantee.

3. Transfer of exclusive rights.

4. Life Grant.

5. Co-financing.