11 September 2020

Place of attraction: a New sports and entertainment Park appeared in Yugo-Vostok of Karaganda

The Athletics sports Park will open in the middle of September. In the meantime, it remains to install equipment in the fountain, improve and green the territory, and install a fence.

A new sports and entertainment zone appeared in Yugo-Vostok of Karaganda. Here, on an area of 3.5 hectares, a whole complex of horizontal bars and simulators has been installed, a large skate track, playgrounds, and a football field have been built. All in order for people of different ages to join a healthy lifestyle.

This project was launched last year.

Photo: karaganda-region.gov.kz

According to Marat Abylkairov, General Director of Temir-Arka LLP, most of the work has already been completed. There are all sports facilities provided by the designers. Lighting poles, video cameras, benches and urns are installed. Alleys are laid out, there is a walking area paved with cobblestones, bike paths, landscaped driveways, parking.

- They are already training hard in this park, - says Marat Abylkairov, - they are happy to learn a new skate track. At the same time, work continues at Athletics. Now we are landscaping the territory. There, the project provides for more than a thousand shrubs and 180 trees of various breeds. Also, a specialist from Nur-Sultan will arrive in the next few days to start installing parts of the dry fountain. Its spray will refresh passers-by walking along the alley.

Source: https://www.gov.kz/memleket/entities/karaganda/press/news/details/mesto-prityazheniya-novyy-sportivno-razvlekatelnyy-park-poyavilsya-na-yugo-vostoke-karagandy?lang=ru