9 June 2021

A resident of Temirtau designed a batmobile

Thirty-year-old resident of Temirtau Evgeniy Bondarenko created a batmobile. It took him three years to design it.

Evgeniy works in the field of online trading. Since childhood, he has been a fan of the Batman movie and Christopher Nolan's «The Dark Knight» saga.

Photo: karaganda-region.gov.kz

– Since childhood, I love movies, comics, where there are unusual cars. That's how it all started. So I decided to try to build a batmobile. First, I drew a project-right on the floor at home. Then I decided to make it a reality. I started my project with one rear axle from a cargo «Ford». And then I used spare parts from other cars, - said Evgeniy.

The Batmobile isn't quite finished yet. But even now it can drive. However, the author of the project did not test-drive it. He intends to use his unusual iron horse to attract advertising and participate with it in exhibitions.

– Currently, I want to do the construction of an all-terrain vehicle. It should have a very high cross-country ability. Of course, it will be easier than the Batmobile,  Evgeniy shared his plans. 

Source: https://www.gov.kz/memleket/entities/karaganda/press/news/details/213524?lang=ru