12 August 2019

In Karaganda region, 42.4 billion tenge was invested in housing construction

 In 2018, 42.4 billion tenge was invested in the construction of housing in Karaganda region. The main source of investment in housing was the developers' own funds. They account for 70.1% of the total investment in housing construction. The share of budget funds amounted to 26.5%, other borrowed funds and bank loans - 2.3% and 1.2%, respectively.

At the end of 2018, 930 residential buildings were commissioned, including 4 dormitories, 171 multi-apartment buildings and 755 individual houses. The total area of commissioned housing amounted to 416.7 thousand square meters of housing, which is 11.4% more than in 2017. Compared to last year, the area of multi-apartment buildings introduced increased by 19.8% and amounted to 289.8 thousand square meters of individual houses - decreased by 5.9% and amounted to 122.6 thousand square meters.

Average actual construction costs of 1 sq.m. habitation in apartment buildings amounted to 100.2 thousand tenge, in individual residential buildings - 125 thousand tenge.



An increase in the total area of commissioned residential buildings compared with the corresponding period last year is observed in all regions, with the exception of Satpayev. The largest increase in housing commissioning compared to last year was noted in Shakhtinsk (10.4 times). The development leaders are Karaganda, which accounts for 52.4% of the total housing commissioned, or 218.5 thousand square meters, Satpayev - 10.3% or 42.9 thousand square meters, Temirtau - 4.8% or 19.9 thousand square meters.

Source: http://ekaraganda.kz/?mod=news_read&id=87460