28 October 2019

An international hackathon “NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019” was held in Karaganda

In the American corner of the Karaganda regional universal scientific library named after N.V. Gogol On October 20, social problems of the planet and the universe were being solved. The NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019, the international hackathon held for the eighth year around the world, was held here. It first opened its site in Karaganda.

Recall that a hackathon is a competition format when tasks are given to participants on the spot and are solved in a certain time. There were five directions in the Nasa Space Apps Challenge 2019: “Oceans of the Earth”, “Our Moon”, “Planets Near and Far”, “Toward the Stars” and “Life in Our World”. The competition participants were invited to choose a direction, get acquainted with it, come up with their own solution to the problem and present it to the jury in the form of a presentation. During it, in fact, it was possible to demonstrate their layouts, programs, drawings, videos and other materials.

Work went on at the hackathon site - within the walls of the American Corner: the participants were provided with all the necessary conditions, including Internet access. It was possible to work both solo and as part of a team. After completing the hackathon, the Karaganda jury selected the winners, and the two best teams got a chance to be judged by NASA: their projects will go to the international jury.

The team of judges included a volunteer of the American Corner, prize-winner of international hackathons Alikhan Shorin and coordinator of the American Corner Shugyla Sagynbekova. Alikhan also acted as a mentor for the participants, giving them an introductory lecture and giving the necessary advice. At the hackathon, where the participants arrived earlier than the appointed time, three teams gathered under the names “SpaceWay”, “Marine-Web” and “Global Road”. Among the participants were not only students of technical specialties and schoolchildren, but also a practicing engineer Ruslan Abildinov.


The “SpaceWay” team has chosen the Trans-Neptunian Space Road challenge. Like the Trans-Siberian Railway, connecting remote parts of Asia with the West, this space road should bring tourists and entrepreneurs to the already accessible region beyond Neptune. The team developed an online tour with a full description of space objects and its price categories. Such a project, added at the hackathon, can even be self-sustaining.
The “Marine-Web” team was analyzing Internet access in the open ocean, and Global Road offered their own option to prevent metal corrosion at NASA station facilities. Participants worked on their projects all day - in the evening their presentation took place. The “SpaceWay” team subsequently became a global prize nominee.                 

Source: http://ekaraganda.kz/?mod=news_read&id=89924