23 December 2021

"Green" energy is actively developing in the Karaganda region

Karaganda region is increasing the share of alternative energy. Today, there are five solar power plants, two biogas plants and a mini-hydroelectric power station operating in the region. The total capacity of the "green" energy exceeded 200 megawatts.

 Photo: karaganda-region.gov.kz

Akim of the region Zhenis Kassymbek told about further plans at a briefing in the Central Communications Service.

- There is an active construction of new sources of renewable and alternative energy. 8 projects for 228 MW have already been implemented. A 100 MW solar power plant is being built near Balkhash. It is planned to build a hybrid solar station with storage capacity of 100 MW and above in Saran–" the head of the region said.

Green energy projects are implemented with the participation of foreign companies. Investments amounted to more than 100 billion tenge.

Source: http://ekaraganda.kz/?mod=news_read&id=112223