15 September 2020

Zhenis Kasymbek got acquainted with the harvesting campaign in Karaganda region

A harvesting campaign is underway in Karaganda region. Work on the fields began ten days earlier than usual. Despite the fact that there was not much precipitation in the summer, farmers say that the quality of grain will be good. Well, in case of rainy weather, many intend to save the crop with the help of drying complexes.

During a working trip to Osakarov and Nura districts, Zhenis Kasymbek met with farmers and discussed how the harvest is going, what assistance is needed in connection with the difficult epidemiological situation.

Photo: karaganda-region.gov.kz

This harvest season, 33 large farms in the region will send 36 thousand tons of grain to the reserve fund, which is 6 thousand tons more than last year. This will allow us to restrain the price of bread in the spring. The stabilization fund, according to tradition, will also be filled with vegetables from local producers. Farmers of the region will send 2.5 thousand tons of potatoes, 400 tons of carrots, 200 tons of cabbage to the warehouse. And they will feed not only our region, but also send their goods to Almaty, Shymkent and Turkestan region.

Source: https://www.gov.kz/memleket/entities/karaganda/press/news/details/zhenis-kasymbek-oznakomilsya-s-hodom-uborochnoy-kampanii-v-karagandinskoy-oblasti?lang=ru