16 September 2020

A new poultry farm has been launched in Nura district

In the village of Akhmet, Nura district, the farm "Kugabaev N. S." launched a poultry farm. The complex for 10 thousand chickens is designed to produce 100 tons of meat and 350-400 thousand eggs per year.

Entrepreneurs invested 20 million tenge in the project. During the preparatory work, an empty building with an area of 1,300 square meters was restored. We purchased 36 units of incubation equipment of various capacities of domestic and foreign production, 80 brooders for raising chickens, more than 50 cages for keeping birds and a modular poultry farm with a capacity of 150 heads per hour.

Photo: karaganda-region.gov.kz

Currently, the poultry house contains 900 chickens of the Cobb-500 meat breed. They are grown for 50-60 days. Manchurian quails are also bred here. Their number has already reached 2.5 thousand. In addition, there are such breeds of chickens as brahma, amrox, kuchinskaya and highsex. With the exception of the Cobb 500, all types of chickens will be raised for egg production and breeding.